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    Match your wallet to your personnality ! No limit choice. Choosing a wallet will become a pleasure. Browse tobacco pouch, checkbook covers, cardholders, purses, e-reader cases, handbags.
    You don't find it ? No worry. I offer a custom service, a custom wallet to store all your documents.

    LEather wallet design

    The brand

    Each modele is made of leather and fabric, a elastic drauws outside a colored contrast, a touch of color reminding colors matter first. I chosse soft color leather brand soul CREATIONACC. Tobacco pouch, cardholders or purses follow same rules. I design as well for men or women, a story of taste .

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    Faretrade, from designer to consumer.

    This item is made in France, in my workshop. Uniques, and made in limited quantities, each piece is made with materials I choose myself. I guarantee faretrade buying, inspired by a human experience, straight to designer. No intermediaries between you and me.

    eco friendly leather craft

    An ecological approach

    AnneCecileCreation recycles colored leather clothes, she allows them to lives a second life in inspired creations. Let be inspired by your desire, find out your style, make it become your second skin.

    AnneCecileCreation look for clothes made of quality soft leather. Recycling lovely tanned leathers in incredible colors is as well a pleasure and an efficient way to guarantee unique pieces. Also choosed for quality, softness, she gives them a second life.

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    A soft price

    Each piece is handmade. Its price is deducted at lowest to be attractive and respecting labor cost, material costafter purchase service, dedicated service and time spent with you to match your desire. Worldwide shipping is offered at very low rate.All pieces are dispatched from the french workshop. CREATIONACC, handmade quality at soft price.

    eco friendly leather craft

    Convenient, easy to use

    AnneCecileCreation designed all models according to your documents. As well as id cards, passports, insurance papers, credit cards and money are perfectly stored in dedicated pockets. Easy to open, to close, to store, to remov, a "readyfor" longlife operations . Some wallets closed with a small metal ball even offer an access to money from outside. Store as many as 2X 10 cards in pockets. Wrap your wallet with an elastic with 2 fingers, a child's play'.

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