Handmade leather rolling tobacco pouch and wallets

Leather passport wallet

wallet "Rurenabaque" - elastic fabric lining. Folded : 14 cm * 10 cm

I choose my passport wallet

Passport leather by creationacc

design portefeuille en cuir


Passport leather designed to fit with passport size papers.Store them in a dedicated pocket. Enjoy style and fabric , an color elastic. Soft color leather , soul of brand AnneCecileCREATION.


elastic closure wallet wallet closing with an elastic

Wrap your passport wallet with an elastic . Compact model optimized (14 x 8.5 cm). In the pocket, as if it was made for. Protect your documents. Inside, fabric lining, store all your documents. In addition to that, 2 pockets dedicated to credit cards.

prix portefeuille


Unique price : 29€

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