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Checkbook red leather

40 EUR

Red leather checkbook, Leather Checkbook, leather holder cover handmade cardholder, cardholder, leather checkbook, mother's day

◆ F E A T U R E S ◆

✓ Allows to set credit cards with 3 dedicated pockets.
✓ Store a passport or identity card plus wallet sized checkbook.
✓ Recycled leather, high quality leather, red upcycled leather
✓ Blue rubber band closure/fastening
✓ Pattern fabric

Dimensions : 4.1" X 7.5"

◆ S H I P P I N G ◆

-Low shipping fees
-France: 1-2 days
-Europ union : 3-9 days
-East far Europ : 6-14 days
-USA : 5-14 days
-Anywhere else : 7 à 20 jours
Delivery with tracking number to France
Economic shipping for all outside the boundaries.

◆ Q U A L I T Y ◆

Entirely handmade for best quality
I pay attention to each detail
Getting better with passing years
Made in France
One-off piece of craft
Made in France

◆ S H O P ◆

Economic shipping for all outside the boundaries.

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